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Be a part of dhoop's May Book Club!

Ella’s writing is poignant, ethereal and compelling. You go in expecting a poem-like-prose and come out with a powerful, warm feeling, as if something inside you has moved.

Ella also writes a column called ‘Root Catalog’ in Orion magazine which she describes as “A column about words within landscapes, about words within people within landscapes, about words within landscapes within people—essentially, words.” I KNOW RIGHT! If that’s not convincing you enough, you can consume her work in its entirety through her setback newsletter called ‘The Sometimes Newsletter’

In ‘Everything Beautiful’, Ella writes “We must not forget, though, while oohing and aahing about the natural world, that none of it has evolved for us. That it is, in many ways, a marvelous coincidence that we would find any of it beautiful at all: flowers are not here purely for us to behold, trees do not grow because of us (more like in spite of at this point), and as far as I know, there are no measurable benefits to gazing at clouds. We, too, have evolved, have learned and been conditioned to appreciate many natural sceneries and forms, although I’m not sure that the same could be said the other way around—if you asked a tree, would it find you beautiful? If we could understand the discussions of sea creatures, would they have anything to say about the beauty of humans?’’

For the month of May, we are reading ‘Everything, Beautiful: A Guide to Finding Hidden Beauty in the World’ by Ella Frances Sanders.

As part of the dhoop book club, we will gather on 26th May, 5 pm to discuss a few selected writings from the book.

Note: Join dhoop's book club for the remaining year? Go here.

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